Accept Credit Cards with a Merchant Account

Having a merchant account is an essential part of growing any modern business.  Without one, a business cannot accept credit card payments.   In this day and age, that too severely limits the potential customer base.  This is why every modern business, especially brick and mortar businesses, should have a retail merchant account.  

Merchant Account Types

Quantum Gateway - Secure Payment GatewayAs a merchant with us, you will be able to substantially reduce your business costs by virtue of our exclusive FREE Payment Gateway program. There are absolutely no gateway setup, monthly or per transaction fees. We also do not "pass through" gateway costs in the form of higher merchant account rates like some competitors have done. Our program is the industry's first TRUE 100% FREE Payment Gateway Program and is designed to save merchants thousands of dollars in unnecessary gateway fees.

Here at Loudest Commerce we want your business to be a success.  We have solutions for everyone, including retail merchant accounts, wireless merchant accounts, and internet merchant accounts.  We even provide you with all the tools you will need to process your transactions; tools such as gateways, terminals (POS terminal - Hypercom T4100, PAX S90 Wirelesss Terminal, and virtual terminal), and USB card readers.  

Types of Business

Fraud ProtectionNot every business requires the same kind of credit card reader.   Some stores require the mobility afforded by hand-held S90 Wireless Terminal, while still others cannot go without an e-commerce solution to handle online orders.  Still others tend more toward the technical end, using Google Wallet or PayPal integrated into their merchant account system, and a select few old-timers still crank out the old flatbed manual credit card imprinter, complete with carbon copies and sore wrists.  Yet, despite this vast diversity of needs, no matter how a business uses their merchant account, it always remains as an important aspect of its business.

However, it is often too easy for a business owner to misjudge what kind of merchant account one should have.  The most obvious of these errors is lack of an online presence.  Even in today’s age of the Internet, many brick and mortar stores still do not have e-commerce solutions available to them.  The online revolution has yet to hit many such businesses, especially if they don’t yet see the potential of handling orders through an online merchant account.

Businesses with an Online Presence

The truth is that nearly every business should have at least some form of information available online, simply because not doing so is like giving online customers to your competition.  At the bare minimum, you must post your business name and expertise online, alongside a method of contact, a list of store hours, a description of your services, and a map to your physical location.  Lacking any of these is a potentially fatal flaw.  Many people who would never purchase anything online will still go online to check if you are open at this time of day, or to see exactly how to get to your business, or to compare your selection with the competition online before going in person to the business they prefer best.  Even without an internet based e-commerce merchant account, you must have these basics covered online, or you will be shooting yourself in the foot.

However, most businesses need to take it one step further.  If you already have an online presence giving information customers need, then why not allow those customers to purchase on impulse? When a customer is on your site, they are where they want to be and they are looking at what they wish to purchase.  This is the optimal moment where an impulse purchase opportunity exists.  If you allow such people the ability to purchase an item with just a few clicks of their mouse, then you will definitely create more sales than if they then had to take the additional step of coming to your brick and mortar business.

This optimal sales opportunity window is not as prevalent when dealing with physical storefronts, generally because the customer is much more at ease while web surfing at home.  While it is true that customers in your store have expended additional effort to get to your location and thus are more likely to justify purchasing a product they may not fully want, customers in your online store are far more likely to purchase on impulse, assuming you have the capacity to sell to them in that short window of time while they are online and get the urge to spend.

Merchant Accounts for RestaurantsThis is why every business should at least consider handling e-commerce through their merchant account, even those businesses that may not at first seem fully suited to the tasks.  Restaurants, for example, often need to take online orders if they want to satisfy the hustle and bustle of to-go orders, and many traditionally brick and mortar retail stores find that online sales seem to skyrocket above traditional sales, merely because of the additional foot traffic an online space can handle.  As such, a website with a merchant account is definitely something any business should consider if it wants to aim for success, both in cyberspace and in general.

If you are a business owner who is tired of losing sales because you do not accept credit cards then contact us today and let us help you bring your business to the next level!

No matter their size, modern businesses are beginning to recognize that merchant services are a necessary part of doing business.  From small, independently owned businesses to large corporations, the ability to securely accept credit cards is extremely important.   Customers everywhere are shopping with plastic, both on and offline, and if you can't accept credit or debit card payments, your business is left at a distinct disadvantage.  

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At LoudestCommerce, we understand the value of a dependable, affordable solution to your e-commerce needs.  For this reason, we offer a variety of retail merchant account services.  Your business can opt for a wireless merchant account, a POS terminal, or both – whatever you need to make accepting credit cards work for the way you do business.  Whether you are a small scale farmer who needs to take card payments on the go at local markets with a S90 wireless terminal, your iPhone or iPod, your Blackberry, or Windows computer, or a large scale business who needs multiple POS terminals for a brick and mortar location, we have got you covered.  

E-Commerce with The Quantum Gateway Solution

Fraud ProtectionWe make the Quantum Gateway, one of the most full featured electronic payment processing systems on the market, available to our clients.  This service features a virtual terminal which allows for telephone ordering, batch uploading allowing you to charge multiple customers at one time, and an included vault to secure and encrypt credit card information for future billing.  If you choose, you can also use this electronic gateway to set up recurring invoices as necessary, making collecting invoices a quick and easy process for your business. 

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The Quantum Gateway also allows your business to accept credit cards via an Internet connection and it unique USB terminal.  You can accept credit cards on your laptop via a WiFi or an Internet connection. 

Retail Merchant Account

Businesses that own a retail or service business need the ability to accept credit cards in order to compete in today's fast paced market.  A retail merchant account allows you to accept credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and Discover through a POS terminal.  If your business is eligible and you fill out the correct federal forms, you can also accept EBT through the same terminal.  We also offer check processing through our POS systems.  

If you sign up for this unique payment processing system, you can virtually eliminate runs to the bank to deposit funds, and significantly reduce the number of returned checks your business has to deal with.   This means that you can keep more of your profits in the bank, and get them there more quickly.  

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Wireless Merchant Account

Sole proprietors, service providers who are frequently on the go, and retailers who set up at craft shows, vendors markets, and more are likely to benefit from a wireless merchant account.  This type of credit card processing system allows you to swipe credit cards on the go, then allow the customer to sign for the transaction.  This type of payment processing system works well for arts and crafts vendors, music instructors, farmers, and others who do not necessarily have a brick and mortar storefront or a need for a POS terminal.  These small businesses are able to open themselves up to a larger market share by accepting credit cards, even for small scale transactions, as many customers simply do not carry cash.  This makes businesses who accept credit cards far more likely to be chosen for purchases, even small convenience purchases such as sodas, chips, water bottles, etc.  

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Business owners who are tired of only accepting cash and checks, and the frustrations and lost sales this can cause would do well to consider their options. Retail merchant accounts are relatively affordable, especially when compared to the time, money, and energy lost pursuing bounced check payments and the revenue that is potentially lost from customers who realize that they can't make a purchase with their credit card at your shop.  There is little more frustrating than being ready to make a purchase, only to realize that you have an incorrect form of payment and can't actually carry out the transaction.  

Setting up a retail merchant account or a wireless merchant account allows you to accept credit card payments quickly and easily.  This may boost your sales numbers by making your products and services available to a wider demographic.  If you are tired of losing sales because of your business's inability to take credit card payments, contact us today to learn how we can help you grow your business.